İlyas Yazar was born in 1971 in the village of Çavuş, located in the district of Araç in Kastamonu province. After completing his primary education at Çavuş Village Primary School in 1982, he continued his secondary education in Karabük. In 1989, Yazar graduated from Karabük İmam Hatip High School and enrolled in the Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Department of Buca Education Faculty at Dokuz Eylül University the same year. After completing his undergraduate studies in 1993, İlyas Yazar started working as a Turkish Language and Literature teacher at the Ministry of National Education. He taught at Batman Hasankeyf High School, Kastamonu Abdurrahmanpaşa High School, and İzmir Konak Haydar Rüştü Öktem High School between 1993 and 1997.

Yazar completed his military service as personnel branch manager and processing officer at Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command between 1994 and 1995. In 1997, he became a research assistant at the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Buca Education Faculty at Dokuz Eylül University, where he continued his academic career with postgraduate education. Yazar completed his master's degree in 1999 with his research on "Ömer Fuâdî," and his doctoral education in 2007 with his work on "Kânî Dîvânı."

Yazar became a lecturer in 2008 and an assistant professor in 2010 at the department where he worked as a research assistant. In 2018, he received the title of associate professor in the field of "Classical Turkish Literature." Yazar served as the Vice Dean of Buca Education Faculty from 2017 to 2020 while continuing his academic career. He also completed the Web Design and Coding (2020) and Justice (2021) associate degree programs in the Department of Computer Technologies at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. In 2023, he graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in the Faculty of Economics at Anadolu University.

Yazar has numerous articles and books published in various journals on topics such as Turkish language and literature, classical Turkish poetry, literature education, Turkish language education, Sufism, and information technology. İlyas Yazar, who is married and has a daughter named Beril, currently works as a faculty member at Dokuz Eylül University. (For more detailed information, please see: